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You can bare your legs without embarrassment! Painless injections of a solution help to reduce spider veins for a more youthful appearance of the legs. Depending on the extent of your spider veins, up to three treatments may be necessary to obtain the best result.

Sclerotherapy is a procedure that reduces the appearance of leg veins. A solution is injected into the vein to collapse and eliminate the appearance of veins. There are several types of veins in the leg that can effectively be treated with this method.

These include:

Spider veins: a group of veins that spread out from a center point.
Simple linear veins: thin lines that run separate from one another.
Arborizing veins: (usually located on the outer thighs) form a tree branch like shape of thin veins.
Reticular veins: dark veins that sometimes bulge. These can be treated if they are not too large or inflamed.

You should contact our office for a consultation. At that time, Dr. Gerlach can look at your veins and assess a proper treatment for you. His nurse will advise you on the materials you will need for your treatments, such as support hose, and provide you with post treatment care information. Depending on the extent of your spider veins up to three treatments may be necessary to obtain the best results.



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