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Center For Cosmetic Surgery: Todd Gerlach MD
Liposuction Torrance

Liposuction Torrance CA

The following information has been prepared to familiarize you with facts about the surgical procedure known as liposuction (suction lipectomy, lipoplasty, mini-lipo or fat suctioning). You are requested to read this information thoroughly and to discuss any questions which might arise with your surgeon before you proceed with the surgical procedure known as suction lipectomy.

Introduction to Liposuction Surgery

This surgery is purely elective. The main attraction of this procedure is that it allows the surgeon to remove bothersome, disproportionate, localized fat deposits through relatively inconspicuous incisions. This procedure has been designed to remove localized, stable fat deposits which cannot be controlled by diet and exercise. It is neither an alternative method of weight control nor a treatment for generalized obesity; nor will suction lipectomy help loose skin (without a traditional resection), persistent fat not responsive to suctioning or to contour irregularities caused by structures other than fat (e.g. bone, muscle weakness, protrusion of intra-abdominal contents, etc.).

It is important that you understand that no person is perfectly symmetrical from one side to the other. If body contouring surgery is indicated, every attempt will be made during surgery to minimize your side to side dissimilarities, but such differences always persist to some degree, even after the most successful operation.

This procedure may be effective in removing fat from the neck, arms, flanks, abdomen, hips, trochanteric area ("saddle bags"), thighs, knees, calves and ankles. It should be emphasized from the outset that the procedure has limitations in the amount of fat that can be removed and the amount of body sculpting which can be accomplished. However, in patients with a localized accumulation of fat, this procedure can be helpful in removing most of the excess fat in order to enhance one's appearance.

The procedure is most effective in young patients with good skin elasticity, as their skin will contract after the fat has been removed. However, as long as the older patient understands that this procedure is designed to remove fat and not to tighten skin, patients of any age can be helped by liposuction surgery.

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